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The Lockett Ranches Fire District exists to provide fire protection services and education to the Lockett Ranches residential community in coordination with other area governmental entities.

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The Lockett Ranches Community is an unincorporated residential area in Coconino County, adjacent to, but not within, the City of Flagstaff. Several areas have organized fire districts approved by the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. 

The Lockett Ranches Fire District is separate and legally independent from the Lockett Ranches Owners Association, though they both work for the benefit of the community’s residents. The Fire District is chartered by the county and is funded by a supplemental line item in the county’s property tax assessments on landowners within Lockett Ranches.

Prior to the formation of the Fire District, very few residents of the community had any formal fire protection. A small number of individual homeowners had been able to establish short-term ad hoc agreements with the City of Flagstaff Fire Department. Residents and landowners in the community organized a formal petition process to obtain legal recognition by the Coconino County Board of Supervisors in 2006. The Board of Directors of the Fire District evaluated multiple ways to provide firefighting services and decided to sign short-term and subsequent longer-term contracts with the City of Flagstaff Fire Department for fire and emergency medical services.  

The Fire District led efforts to establish Lockett Ranches as a Firewise Community in May 2007. Recertification is an annual process with Firewise USA where community efforts to reduce fire risk are evaluated based on community activities and money spent to reduce wildfire risks. The year 2023 is the Fire District’s 17th year as a Firewise community.

Fire Board News

Is Your Property Too Dense?

PRIVATE ROAD UPGRADES. While the Emergency Equipment Access Survey for Lockett Ranches Fire District showed access for emergency vehicles within the area is generally good, not all roads are paved. However, two private roads (Subera Lane and Chaser Trail) were upgraded in 2022 to asphalt surfaces at a cost of over $57,000, paid for by owners living on those streets. These projects were undertaken for many reasons, including dust reduction, elimination of mud and ruts, and improvement to property values in the area. But upgrades were also done to improve emergency equipment vehicle access during winter and monsoon conditions, especially on Subera Lane, where steep road grades combined with snow depths or muddy conditions could make sections difficult to negotiate for large vehicles such as fire trucks. The Flagstaff Fire Department’s engines can generally handle snow depths up to 6 inches before risking getting stuck. The new pavement will make snow removal easier and increase the likelihood that emergency vehicles can arrive without unexpected delays.

UPDATES ON BUDGET AND EMERGENCY ACCESS. In July, a letter from Fire Board Chairperson John Noll was sent to Lockett residents via the Owners Association regarding two important matters: the final 2022-23 budget, which includes a small increase in taxes, and potential property-access issues that could affect the efficiency of emergency responders. Click here to download the full letter as a PDF. 

Here is the Fire District’s FY 2024 budget. Click here to download as a PDF.

FIREWISE LOT REVIEWS AVAILABLE. In conjunction with the Lockett Ranches Owner Association, the Fire Board is offering Firewise Lot Reviews. After our community’s close encounter with recent wildfires, the Association’s Development Guidelines were updated to include a requirement for owners building new structures to submit to the Design Review Committee a completed and signed Lockett Ranches Firewise Lot Review Form recognizing that a completed Firewise consultation has occurred prior to the Final Design Review taking place. See the Association’s Development Guidelines for details about this requirement. Owners of existing properties, with or without structures, who are not currently building are also encouraged to sign up to receive a free Firewise consultation on how to reduce fire risk to their property. Instructions on how to schedule a Lot Review can be obtained by calling Adam Whitman at Sterling Real Estate Management, 928-773-0690.

FIREWISE RECOGNITIONS. The Fire Board recognizes Lockett Ranches lot and home owners who have taken the initiative to reduce wildfire risk on their properties and improve the health of the forest around them. Check out our first installment. If you know of anyone who has taken such actions, send us a note ([email protected]) so we can properly recognize this activity!